Olive Oil Effective against HER-2 Breast Cancer

New Study Finds Olive Oil Effective against HER-2 Breast Cancer

by Barbara Minton

Olive oil, that magical elixir from the Mediterranean, has long been known to confer many health benefits. It is one reason people who eat the Mediterranean diet live such long, healthy and happy lives. Researchers are busy scientifically documenting these benefits including recent reports on the ability of olive oil to prevent heart disease and colon cancer. The latest study shows that olive oil is effective against HER-2 positive breast cancer, a form of breast cancer for which the medical establishment offers little in the way of tolerable treatment.
Research shows polyphenols from extra virgin olive oil inhibit HER-2 activity image
The December, 8 issue of the journal BMC Cancer reports researchers hypothesizing that the effects of the olive oil rich Mediterranean diet on breast cancer risk might be underestimated when it comes to HER-2 breast carcinomas. They investigated the anti HER-2 effects of phenolic fractions directly extracted from commercial extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) in cultured human breast cancer cell lines. They tested for the ability to kill both HER-2 positive and negative tumors. The effects of the EVOO fractions on the expression and activation status of HER-2 oncoprotein were evaluated.

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