Is Your Self-talk Talking Yourself Out of Success?

Has anyone ever talked you out of something that you later realized you should have gone ahead with? Maybe it was a goal which involved taking a risk, and perhaps the person actually talked you out of it because they believed they knew what was best for you. However, did you know that most of us actually talk ourselves out of pursuing our own dreams? Just think about all of the things you know you could start doing right now in order to make your life better, but that you are putting off.  Most likely, you’re putting these things off because you’ve gotten into the habit of talking yourself out of taking action.


If you want to put a stop to this kind of self sabotage, you’ll be excited to know that you are just moments away from understanding the simple process which can help you to do so…


What is Self Talk?

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Meditation classes at Mindstream Centre in Emerald

Meditation is a practice by which one aims to get beyond the reflexive, “thinking” mind into a deeper state of relaxation or awareness.

Our next meditation course will start on wednesday the 14th of April, 8.00pm.
Our guest teacher is John Ballis, bestselling author of “The Wheel of Life’s 8 Keys to Succes”
More information coming soon.

Meditation practise has many proven benefits for the body, mind and spirit. These include…

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Need Motivation to Get Into Better Shape? Here’s How Fear Can Help You

Have you been telling yourself that you need to get in better shape and are you having a hard time getting motivated? If so, you might have tried saying positive affirmations or giving yourself pep talks or even using creative visualization exercises. However, if all of these have failed you then there is one more motivational strategy which is certain to deliver results EVERY time. That strategy is leveraging the emotion of fear to motivate yourself to take better care of your body…

Why You Should Make Friends with Fear

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