Neck Relaxer – reduce your stress, neck pain, migraine or headache

Will your New Year’s Resolution be to reduce your stress levels?

What about getting rid of those constant niggling headaches?

Get the help you need to reduce your neck pain that causes headaches and stress for yourself or your loved ones.

What better Birthday present could there be?

 Neck Relaxer

The calm of blissful relaxation and relief from pain, ensuring peaceful rest are two guaranteed benefits of a wholistic approach to stress management that uses ancient techniques in a modern way.


Wholistic medical centre practitioner, John Ballis*, is the guiding force behind the oddly shaped yet highly effective design of a new self-help product called Neck RelaxerTM. Continue reading

Stretch Exercises


 These are stretches to do at your desk.

This program will take 2 – 3 minutes.

Prolonged sitting at a desk or computer terminal can cause muscular tension and pain.

  • Taking a few minutes to do a series of stretches can make your whole body feel better.
  • Learn to stretch spontaneously throughout the day whenever you feel tense.
  • Don’t just do seated stretches, but do some standing stretches too. Good for circulation.

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