Allergies, Intolerances and Sensitivities with Homeopathy and Flower Essences

In a world where allergies and sensitivities are an ever increasing problem, it will come as quite a relief to discover that there is some significant help available within the complementary therapy field. 

Common reactions

Professionally trained homeopaths, often have many clients with quite debilitating issues.  Probably the most common problems are hay fever, food intolerances, chemical sensitivities and pet allergies (particularly cats, dogs, rabbits and horses).  They can trigger a number of physical stresses within the body.  Which system is directly affected depends very much upon the constitutional weakness of the individual.  So, for example, where there is a tendency towards respiratory weakness in the family, we may well see asthma as a reaction.   Alternatively, where the family genes suggest a weak digestive system, diarrhoea is very possible. In addition, direct contact with the substance can often create an immediate skin reaction.  The area can become inflamed or puffy, sometimes quite rapidly.

The whole situation suddenly becomes a nightmare, particularly if small children are the sufferers.  Most people learn to avoid their own particular weak spots.   However, where there are multiple allergies and sensitivities, it is sometimes not possible to work out the trigger. 

How can Homeopathy help?

Many of the common allergens have been made up in homeopathic potency, and are available in a reputable homeopathic pharmacy.  Taking the allergen in 30c potency has the effect of calming down the reactivity smoothly and effectively. 

Here are some examples of allergens available in potency – dog hair 30c, cat hair 30, horse hair 30c, mixed pollen 30c, rapeseed 30c, chlorine 30c, swimming pool water 30c and London tap water 30c.  Some may sound rather unusual, but to sufferers, these homeopathic medicines can be invaluable aids.  They work well as an immediate help for a one off attack.  

Vitamin C 200c can work very well as a general antihistamine.  Apis 200c is good at calming down allergic reactions resulting to rapid hot puffy swelling.

In the short term the above remedies are extremely useful.  However, what every homeopath really wants to achieve is to reduce the severity of the client’s reaction.   This is by no means impossible, but does take time and patience. 

There are three fundamental ways of doing this.

1.       Constitutional treatment

Allergies and sensitivities tend to arise in a weak constitution.  Using homeopathic medicines to strengthen the constitution very often results to these reactions becoming less severe and eventually, over time, fading away.  Constitutional prescribing is based on both the physical and emotional make up of the individual. 

2.       Route cause

Sometimes clients know at what point in their life they became more sensitive to their food, environment, etc.  The cause is often a shock, or an assault on the immune system.  This weakens the person enough for the sensitivities to manifest. The shock can come in many forms.  Just as a car crash is a shock, so is Glandular Fever or a vaccination.  All these events can throw a person off balance and weaken them.  

The art here is for the homeopath to work out the real cause and prescribe an appropriate remedy for it. Significant events within a six month period are always taken into account. A correct prescription here can give impressive results.   

3.       Hereditary disposition

Sometimes it becomes apparent that there is a strong genetic link.  Allergies are perhaps commonplace in the family history. Specific homeopathic remedies are used to heal this inheritance and thus break the pattern. This way, future generations are saved from suffering the same ill effects.

The role of Flower Essences

The Bush flower essence ‘Fringed Violet’ ( is extremely good for repairing the aura if it has been damaged by a shock.  I had a difficult case of eczema which was completely cured using this flower essence. If you think of the aura in a similar way to the Earth’s ozone layer, then maybe it is easier to imagine what could happen.  A damaged aura means that the person is not fully protected, and thus allergies and sensitivities (in this case manifesting as eczema) can start to come through.  The Bach ‘Star of Bethlehem’ is another flower essence which counteracts the short and long term effects of shock.

There are, of course, many other flower essences which can be used alongside constitutional treatment to strengthen the client and put him or her back into balance. 

For those people who believe that their current health problems are influenced by a previous incarnation, there are also flower essences which heal past lives.  The Aquarius Moon Flowers are the best known for these issues (  For all cynics out there, I can assure you that I have had good results from them (particularly for inexplicable childhood nightmares).

Final note

Homeopathic medicines and flower essences have a huge amount to offer in the treatment of allergies, intolerances and sensitivities.  They should not be dismissed as ‘old wives tales’ and certainly not as ineffective.  Why the body reacts as it does is quite a complex issue, and requires individual treatment and care.