Monsanto’s worst nightmare – let’s start a food revolution!


The more we find out about what’s really going on with our food, the more important we realize it is to be informed.

We don’t want to be a victim, and we know you don’t either.

Did you know that Monsanto and its allies spend hundreds of millions of dollars to keep you in the dark about the real impact of what you eat?

And did you know that starting April 27, many of the top food experts on the planet are coming together to upset Monsanto’s agenda, and to light up your food world?

Food Revolution Summit.

Are you sick and tired of your government using your tax money to subsidize high fructose corn syrup, factory farmed animal products, and genetically engineered soy? You should be!

Are you ready to find out how to transform food systems so that healthy and sustainable food can become available and AFFORDABLE?

In the Food Revolution Summit, you’ll get breakthrough insights and honest truth from 24 top experts who are actually changing the current paradigm.

Discover the most current facts on food from experts like Environmental Working Group founder Ken Cook, GMO activist Jeffrey Smith, food justice visionary Vandana Shiva, and nutrition revolutionary Dr. Dean Ornish.

Monsanto and their cohorts would like to keep you subordinate to their agenda, and so distracted that you won’t raise a peep of protest.

Fortunately, you don’t have to let them have their way. The Food Revolution Summit is the place to be!

Take action and sign up now.

We’ll be there, will you join us?

Yours for the food revolution,

John and Linda

P.S. The Food Revolution Summit starts April 27. Monsanto might like us to all go away, but instead, we’re getting informed, and getting organized. Register Now.

P.P.S. Once you get registered, please feel free to invite your friends and loved ones to this timely and important event about the future of our food and our health!


John and Linda Ballis

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