Neck Relaxer – reduce your stress, neck pain, migraine or headache

Will your New Year’s Resolution be to reduce your stress levels?

What about getting rid of those constant niggling headaches?

Get the help you need to reduce your neck pain that causes headaches and stress for yourself or your loved ones.

What better Birthday present could there be?

 Neck Relaxer

The calm of blissful relaxation and relief from pain, ensuring peaceful rest are two guaranteed benefits of a wholistic approach to stress management that uses ancient techniques in a modern way.


Wholistic medical centre practitioner, John Ballis*, is the guiding force behind the oddly shaped yet highly effective design of a new self-help product called Neck RelaxerTM.


The Neck RelaxerTM features two semi-ridged soft rubber prongs on a sculptured solid base material – with the overall shape, reminiscent of a breaking wave. The two prongs are designed to fit neatly into the nap of the neck, where they apply gentle pressure to key points on either side of the spine, inducing muscle relaxation in a technique developed by the Chinese many thousands of years ago and known as “ The Gateway to Heaven”.


The benefits of using Neck RelaxerTM are thoroughly documented by years of market research and product trials. The results of which convinced John Ballis that his design was as beneficial as hands-on treatment for head, neck and shoulder problems.


The beauty of my product is its simplicity. I acknowledge that many practitioners use the Gateway to Heaven technique, but Neck RelaxerTM brings the benefits of hands-on treatment to a patient whenever they feel stress in the neck and shoulders and need help to combat its painful and damaging effects.


“It is enormously satisfying to actually see the health of my patients and those who use Neck RelaxerTM improve in just a short period of time. Some people have remarked how much it has changed their lives and in many cases helped them to overcome chronic pain. I am amazed that I am the first practitioner to develop and market a product such as Neck RelaxerTM knowing how effective the technique can be.” John said


According to John, Neck RelaxerTM relieves stress in a few minutes if used each day, he also claims it is most effective before sleep. Its main benefits include:


  • reduced or eliminated pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulders
  • a sense of lightness and well-being
  • deeper sleep and sustained relaxation
  • improved vascular circulation to the neck and head
  • reduces or eliminated headaches or migraines
  • improved neck flexibility


This can be the perfect Birthday gift for those you love or it could be part of your own step by step plan for your own New Year’s Resolution. why not start today?

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John and Linda Ballis
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