Why do seemingly “healthy” people keep getting sick.

Several years back, Dr. Lissa Rankin, M.D. was wondering why many of her seemingly “healthy” patients were getting sick. Why clients who were eating right, exercising and even practicing things like yoga and meditation, were getting sick.

She began to dig deep into the mind-body connection and began testing things with her patients. The conclusions she came to…were fascinating.

If you think you know what really matters when it comes to being healthy, I suggest you watch this video, because it just may blow your mind away with what it reveals.

I recently sat down with Dr. Rankin to ask her about true healing and health, and what she shared with me was simply astounding:

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Tips For Managing Emotional Eating

It’s the message we hear over and over again: that sticking to a healthy weight boils down to eating the right food and exercising more. What we don’t hear so loudly is how we can tackle one of weight management’s most common saboteurs – emotional eating.

‘With emotional eating, dieting is barking up the wrong tree. You need to get to the reason behind the eating,’ says Louise Adams, a Sydney-based clinical psychologist who specialises in eating disorders and emotional eating.

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Natural ways to Manage High Blood Pressure

By Dr Mercola

Uncontrolled high blood pressure is a very serious health concern that can lead to heart disease and increased risk for stroke if left untreated. The good news is, by optimizing your dietary intake, exercising, and effectively managing your stress, the odds of normalizing your blood pressure are greatly in your favor.

The guidelines given below provide an insight into how you can naturally treat and manage high blood pressure.
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Healing Codes – Power to Peace

Find Out How To Nullify Stress – Your body can overcome almost anything; pain, phobias or disease.

Did you know that 86 – 95% of all illness and disease today anywhere
in the world can be traced back to one common element? …


What we might think of as run-of-the-mill, daily stress is actually
quite toxic in nature. As our nervous systems are forced to react to
large and small stressors alike, we’re unknowingly dumping
“emergency” chemicals into our bodies that begin creating physical
tension and emotional distress.

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What effect is stress having on your life?

Have you ever wondered why some individuals achieve certain levels of success and others seem to hit roadblock after roadblock?

Have you ever found yourself on the path to achieve your goals only to find yourself always coming up missing the mark or face to face with obstacle after obstacle?

Do you have any idea what the average achievement rate is of those who either attend a personal development event, or buy a CD/DVD success and achievement program or book?

Whether you want to develop better self-esteem, lose more weight, improve your relationships, get rich, find happiness, or achieve lasting success we want to


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Are your hormones stopping you from losing weight?

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Stretch Exercises


 These are stretches to do at your desk.

This program will take 2 – 3 minutes.

Prolonged sitting at a desk or computer terminal can cause muscular tension and pain.

  • Taking a few minutes to do a series of stretches can make your whole body feel better.
  • Learn to stretch spontaneously throughout the day whenever you feel tense.
  • Don’t just do seated stretches, but do some standing stretches too. Good for circulation.

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Treating Chronic Fatigue and Adrenal Fatigue Naturally

Treating Chronic Fatigue and Adrenal Fatigue Naturally

by Dani Veracity (Natural News)

The easy, relaxed lifestyle experienced by our ancestors no longer exists, and we’re not even aware of how much stress we’re under. The problem? “Our lifestyles have changed, but our bodies haven’t,” Dr. James Wilson said in his November lecture at the First Arizona Choices Exposition in Tucson, Ariz. A large portion of our population is feeling tired and stressed out, and we want to know why.

The adrenal glands sit over the kidneys, where they play a significant role in the body, secreting more than 50 hormones necessary for life, including epinephrine (adrenaline), cortisol, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), progesterone and testosterone. Since they produce so many essential hormones, the adrenal glands are responsible for many of the functions we need to stay alive and healthy, including:

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Laughter is An Instant Vacation

We can all use more laughter in our lives.  The book and movie, Laughter is An Instant Vacation, is the perfect way to bring a well deserved break to anyone’s day.


Laughter Movie


Laughter is one of the simple joys of life! Take a few minutes to enjoy the movie, Laughter is an Instant Vacation. You will laugh, chuckle and take a little stress out of your day.


“Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon.”


John and Linda Ballis


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Who is REALLY Looking Out For Your Well-Being?

The Inside Scoop on Healthy Living

If you are someone who is interested in taking great care of your body by living and eating healthy foods, you’re probably wondering where you can get the information which will help you. After all, even educated doctors are promoting their own branded labels these days and some food companies are using the whole “go green” thing as a marketing strategy to promote foods which really aren’t much different than the conventional options. Who can you trust to have your best interest in mind when it comes to healthy living? If you are concerned about this and looking for a source of information that you can trust, the answer might be a lot closer than you realize…

The One Person You Can Trust More Than Anyone

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