Find out what your doctor won’t tell you… at the Food Revolution Summit!

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Most doctors do not receive more than a few hours of nutrition education. After all, they get paid to treat sick people…

That’s why we are so excited about the Food Revolution Summit.

Over this life-changing week, you’ll get more useful info about the foundation of your health than most doctors will ever know. For no charge!

Check it out and sign up now.

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The Secret Engineering Of Junk Food

By J. D. Heyes

Many of us have long since known of the health dangers of junk food – foods that can most generally be described as those which contain empty calories and excessive amounts of substances known to cause harm to the body.

But why does junk food remain so popular? What makes tens of millions of people consume it daily, even if they are well aware of its health and dietary pitfalls? Well, part of the reason is by design – that is, the way such foods were designed to appeal to our senses. 
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Monsanto’s worst nightmare – let’s start a food revolution!


The more we find out about what’s really going on with our food, the more important we realize it is to be informed.

We don’t want to be a victim, and we know you don’t either.

Did you know that Monsanto and its allies spend hundreds of millions of dollars to keep you in the dark about the real impact of what you eat?

And did you know that starting April 27, many of the top food experts on the planet are coming together to upset Monsanto’s agenda, and to light up your food world?

Food Revolution Summit.

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10 Things the Processed Food Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

We’ve been led to believe that processed foods seem like the answer to today’s busy lives. New fads and fancy advertisements make promises that keep us coming back for more. The sad reality is that processed products are everywhere we look, making them increasingly harder to avoid.

Processed foods are also more convenient – that’s what it really comes down to in an ever increasing time poor society. It’s so much easier to bake a cake by opening up a box, pouring out a dry mix, and adding an egg and some oil than starting from scratch. But what is the price we really pay for this seemingly great convenience?

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Natural ways to Manage High Blood Pressure

By Dr Mercola

Uncontrolled high blood pressure is a very serious health concern that can lead to heart disease and increased risk for stroke if left untreated. The good news is, by optimizing your dietary intake, exercising, and effectively managing your stress, the odds of normalizing your blood pressure are greatly in your favor.

The guidelines given below provide an insight into how you can naturally treat and manage high blood pressure.
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This video reminds you of what’s possible…

The Tapping Solution
We just finished watching a trailer for a new book about EFT Tapping, that was inspiring, captivating and eye-opening, and it reminded us about how we have the power, each and every day, to completely transform our lives:

Click Here to Watch the Trailer Now

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Healing Codes – Power to Peace

Find Out How To Nullify Stress – Your body can overcome almost anything; pain, phobias or disease.

Did you know that 86 – 95% of all illness and disease today anywhere
in the world can be traced back to one common element? …


What we might think of as run-of-the-mill, daily stress is actually
quite toxic in nature. As our nervous systems are forced to react to
large and small stressors alike, we’re unknowingly dumping
“emergency” chemicals into our bodies that begin creating physical
tension and emotional distress.

We become tense, irritable and tired, and most of us can’t figure
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Tapping World Summit 2013 Fr*ee Video Series

Tapping World Summit 2013 Registration

TWS 2013 Video Series #3 Nick Ortner

We have a really important “last chance” reminder for you…

You’ve probably heard about the 5th Annual, 2013 Tapping World Summit,
from a dozen places by now.

Everyone is talking about it and with good reason…

This event teaches a phenomenal technique known as “EFT” or “Tapping”
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What effect is stress having on your life?

Have you ever wondered why some individuals achieve certain levels of success and others seem to hit roadblock after roadblock?

Have you ever found yourself on the path to achieve your goals only to find yourself always coming up missing the mark or face to face with obstacle after obstacle?

Do you have any idea what the average achievement rate is of those who either attend a personal development event, or buy a CD/DVD success and achievement program or book?

Whether you want to develop better self-esteem, lose more weight, improve your relationships, get rich, find happiness, or achieve lasting success we want to


In a 10 BILLION-A-YEAR industry that thrives on the dreams, goals, and aspirations of millions only a handful ever achieve lasting success! Continue reading

What Eating Too Much Sugar Does to Your Brain

By David DiSalvo, Forbes

Overeating, poor memory formation, learning disorders, depression  – all have been linked in recent research to the over-consumption of sugar. And these linkages point to a problem that is only beginning to be better understood: what our chronic intake of added sugar is doing to our brains.

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