The Untold Truth About Cancer?

I have came across something that I found fascinating and moving. I believe this is very important for everyone to watch.

It’s a short 4 minute video PLUS a free documentary series (or “docu-series”) called “The Truth About Cancer”.

 More importantly, this video and information could literally save your life or the lives of those you care about most.

The video is a moving introduction to a docu-series called, “The Truth About Cancer,” that explores some “other” answers besides the traditional, and often failing approach we’ve taken in the fight against cancer.  

One way or another, we’ve all been touched by cancer and it’s so important to get all the facts and get fully informed.

I know there are many Western doctors saving lives and doing great work. I just wanted to make sure that everyone also knows about all the latest breakthroughs, alternative treatments and approaches out there. .These other approaches and breakthroughs are just not being given the attention they deserve.  Again — do the research and learn all you can

There are a lot of reasons why these alternative treatments are not promoted, but what’s most important is to focus on the positive, often startling breakthroughs and this series does just that.   Watch the video here.

One thing I love about this series: it comes from the heart.  Make sure to get to about 3 minutes into the video, and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

Take a few minutes to watch now.